Monday, September 14, 2015

Final Fantasy 7 - remake

So it was announced at E3 that Square Enix are releasing Final Fantasy 7, arguably one of the best RPG's ever made and also one that defined many of the tropes that featured in not only the FF games that followed but also others of the RPG genre.

Also it's one I have never played.

And given that I don't own a PS4 it's not a game I ever intended to play...unless I found a reconditioned Playstation on eBay and decided to splurge. So I filed this in my ignore box and life went on, until...

...a couple of weeks ago and one of the game Vlogs I follow was talking about it and it got me thinking, and doing a little digging. It turns out its not going to be a full remake but rather a port of the 2012 PC version of the game. (see here) Also although it will be PS4 exclusive first it will be coming to the I could just wait.

Or do I take the ultimate Gamer Geek step and get myself a PS4 so I speak both languages?

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